Persephone’s Daughters

My poem “River Relative” was published today in section IV of Persephone’s Daughters.

The link is here:

I really love this magazine so please check out all the other wonderful pieces they’ve chosen to be included.


Lovely news!

Atrium Poetry and Domestic Cherry 6 have accepted my submissions!

Look out for ‘Fire and Bees’ in Atrium on July 27th. I will definitely post the link here.

Domestic Cherry are taking my ‘Bucket of Hearts’ and ‘Part One in a Series of Letters Addressed to my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughter At Age Eighteen’, and that will be available in print sometime in August hopefully, alongside lots of people I am really excited to be with!

In other news, I’ve started to seriously consider publishing, and am stuck between “Should I find a poetry press?” or “Should I self-publish?” I’m very open to opinions if you have any! I can see pros and cons with both!

Hope you’re all having a lovingly adequate day.

Something poetic…

So it begins, the dive into the abyss of blogging about some words I write.

A brief introduction: I’m Bethan.

Please enjoy this blog as in time, I hope, it will develop into something coherent.

I’m basically going to put all my writing stuff here. So if you’re interested in that stuff, hoorah!

If not, then stay for a minute… let me change your mind! (I probably don’t have that power. You do you. Thank you for popping by, but I completely understand.)

This blog is hopefully going to lend a hand in celebrating anything I achieve in attempting to be published by various presses, collectives, people, things, whatever just please take my words from me and put them somewhere else!

I run a Creative Writing for Wellbeing group, and study an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

I’m currently playing about with Poetry Film with the support of a collective set up by Helen Dewberry and Chaucer Cameron.

My goal a year from now is to get a pamphlet/chapbook published (with a potential accompaining Poetry Film disk!)

So watch this space!

…or just nod and pat my knee sympathetically.